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Radhanpur Netra Safe City Project


Radhanpur Netra Safe City Project was sponsored by Radhanpur Nagarpalika and was handed over to the Radhanpur Police. The Project was very challenging Project in terms of Wireless CCTV Surveillance and also the Coverage of Critical Areas within the Old City of Radhanpur.


Client Requirement & Challenges

The Police wanted to Cover all critical areas of Entry/Exit within the City and the Sensitive Areas. This Made the Solution cover a Radius of 3 KMs from the Control Room. Police wanted to get crystal clear clarity so that they could also see the number plate of the Vehicles and Identify the Faces of the Culprits in a Situation. Also, Cabling was the most challenging as there was no scope of cabling in the city and Hence, the Entire Project had to be Designed on Wireless Infrastructure. 

Securus Solution

A Total of 28 Locations were Identified as per the Guidance of the Police Department and Also, Approximate 60 Cameras were Installed at the Locations. A Control Room was setup in the Premises of the Police Station and 100 Feet Tower was Erected at the Premises. 4 Megapixel IP Cameras were Installed in the Locations and All the Locations were transmitted wirelessly to the Control Room. Entire Wireless Infrastructure was established on 5.1GHz Frequency to ensure Gigabit Wireless Network. After 3 Months of Hardwork, Entire Project was Declared Go Live and handed over to the Local Police Authorities.