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1800 ATMs across India


ATM Security has gained a lot of importance recently. There have been a lot of steps that have been taken to increase the security at the ATM by the Banks. Installing CCTV Cameras is one such step. However, some more VAS needs to be provieded along with simple installation of CCTV Cameras as just installing the Cameras is not enough, Sometimes Realtime Action needs to be taken to avert some situation. 


Client Requirement & Challenges

The Banks involved in this particular project were State Bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank, Canara Bank and Karnataka Bank. They wanted some linkage of the CCTV to the Server where snapshots can be captured and upload on realtime basis as soon as any client used the ATM Machine. Also they wanted Power Saving Solutions where-in if 2 or more ACs is installed in the ATM, then the AC will work alrenatively and hence there will not be much load on any one ATM.


Securus Solution

In Partnership with a Mumbai based Company, a special Solution was designed for the Banks to meet their special Requirements. Hence, providing a unique solution of Power Saving and CCTV Surveillance with FTP transfer over limited bandwidth.